Most of my buying falls under the “impulsive” category. And living in Paris, where every brand that matters has multiple shops spread around the city, it isn’t hard to find something on a saturday shopping spree. I do need something specific from time to time, and usually know exactly what I want and where to find it. I am, after all, my own fashion advisor. But the sheer amount of options and diferente objets de desire, makes picking up all the items for a full outfit an overwhealming task. The Brunello trousers, the Rosetti shoes, the Charvet shirt, the Boglioli blazer, the Lanvin tie… who has the time now a days I wonder, to do all the shop hoping?

Some five years ago I found out about Mr. Porter. A stylish and unfussy website, with faultless editorials, enticing articles, and the feel of a gentlemans magazine that just so happens to sell almost all of my favorite brands, seemed to good to be true.

I started lingering around some items, favoriting a Jil Sander overcoat, or stalking a double breasted Tom Ford tuxedo. I even found myself wanting to try out more exotic items I would usually leave untouched at a brick and mortar shop, such as a Brioni shearling jacket with an impossible price tag. Needless to say I was hooked, if still a bit queasy about online shopping, something that proved to be a depressing experience in the past. Some practical issues also arose: how do I check for size and fit? Will I know for sure it’s going to look great on me? And what about packaging? Do I really want my postman to deliver a Burberry overcoat all cramped inside a parcel?

But all my fears were allayed with my first order. The shopping experience at Mr.Porter is unparalleled. Very reliable measurements, and excelent product photography complete with videos on selected items give a sense of assurance you won’t easily find somewhere else online.

And if for some reason you change your mind, or are unsure about the fit, the size or the fabric, Mr. Porter offers the most simple and tranquil return policy: you check a box stating “not for me”, and a courier will drop by the next day to take the item back.

And don’t even get me started with the packaging! Every delivery feels like my own private Christmas, with the signature white boxes, the black wrapping paper inside held by the lovely personalised sticker. How’s that for a shopping sidekick?

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