When Luxury Came To Town

One of the main reasons I decided to come to Portugal was to attend the Financ(...)

Fashion Night Out

  For many decades Portugal was the factory of Europe, from which luxu(...)

Lunch at Porto's Grand Dame

A bit before everyone in the travel business started taking a serious look at Po(...)

Art Bombardment

Visiting Porto isn’t just about port wine, and roaming around old town. For de(...)

Riding The Presidential Train

Is there a more romantic mean of transportation than an old train? Yes: an old (...)

Sum Up London Men's Fashion

London's men collection  is a must go to moment of my annual diary. That's wher(...)

Black Ivory

Another weekend in Marrakesh, another soujorne at the Noir d’Ivoire, one o(...)

Pierre is Going to Marrakesh

And why am I going to Marrakesh? Well that goes without saying. Marrakesh is (...)

Pride and Prejudice

With John Galliano heading Maison Margiella, it was up to Bill Gaytten to presen(...)

Eat, Dress up, Love

This latest Paris Fashion Week was as much about food as it was about the runway(...)


Check out the cool and stylish girlfriends i meet at Milan Fashion Week. Cherma(...)

Hitting the London Streets

The movers and shackers around fashion week are a show of their own. It’s gre(...)

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