About Pierre

Pierre Le Duck is an aristocrat, a bon-vivant and a jet setter. He continues to live in Paris, where he was born in the 1980’s, and is the son of a British diplomat, and a French socialite. He was brought up amidst the finest European society, Pierre effortlessly cultivates a taste for the finer things in life, with the carelessness of those that instinctively know the true value of things. Socially ubiquitous, Pierre is always at the right place at the right time, and with the right company. He hardy thinks twice before making a decision, as well as never missing the mark, be it booking a restaurant, choosing the right party to attend, or buying one of his lady friends a piece of jewellery.

Pierre doesn’t enjoy political or philosophical arguments. He has never voted, does not watch the news or followed the stock market. What really interests him are things like the difference between cashmere and vicuña, deciding whether to rent a chalet or to stay at a hotel in Aspen, or discussing the advantages of owning a Bacon triptic instead of two Monets.

He follows no religion,and is equally at ease at a bar mitzvah on Park Avenue or even at a orthodox wedding in Santorini. He does not care for astrology, but it just so happens that his sign describes him perfectly.

Pierre takes his daily grooming ritual seriously, without being vain about it. He is not one to deprive himself of a cocktail or a piece of foie gras to follow a diet, and exercises the necessary to keep his excellent figure.

Pierre Le Duck does not easily excite. To him, comfort is a basic need, and quality a way of being. Despites being very descrit he always gets all the attention. Unlike Bianca Jager he doesn´t need to arrive on a white horse to have all eyes on him. As a trendsetter he definitely enjoys having a large following, although he sometimes can not resist mocking his copycats.

Pierre Le Duck does not easily excite. To him, comfort is a basic need, and quality a way of being.

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