Paris Fashion Week


Fashion week in Paris is one of my yearly highlights. And the City of Lights gets really flashy! Managing the social agenda turns into a full time job, with the most fabulous breaks in between of course.

Hotel Costes is my preferred base. Mr. Artur Gomes, the exceptional restaurant manager, has been keeping me a table for years, and his oh-so Portuguese charm really makes the classic eatery that more homely.

I had cured salmon with creme frâiche, followed by a chicken paillard, and the classic house cheesecake for dessert, paired with a bottle of Puligny Montrachet, and a Skinny Bitch to top things off. The crowd at Costes was a sight for sore eyes. I loved meeting Kendall Jenner, and spent a while at Gigi Hadids table, who was dinning with the most fabulous group of girlfriends along with the very fabulous photography duet Mert and Marcus.




The next day was an hectic affair. I went to check out Dior at 2.30 pm and had a chat with Rhianna. After that it was lunch at L’Avenue, consisting mainly of Bloody Mary’s. I’ll let you in on a priceless bit of advice: never order your cocktails at the table, go to the bar and have them made for you. It’s a world of difference.

Dinning is a major part of fashion week, and the most happening place was clearly Belle Epoque, which despite the name is the most “now” Paris spot. But no dinning spree is complete without a hop over to Caviar Kaspia, for the customary feast of vodka and champagne.

One of the great things about PFW is that pretty much every great blogger and fashion personality is there. It was great spending time with instagram royalty such as Helena Bordon, Caroline Vreeland, Thassiana Neves, Shea Marie, Aimee (rimes with Mommy) Song and Kristina Bazan.

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